Park Joo-hyun ♥ Chae Jong-hyeop Happy ending? 3 points for watching the final episode, you accelerate

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‘The speed that goes to you 943km’ can Park Joo-hyun and Chae Jong-hyeop have a happy ending?

KBS 2TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘The speed to you 943km’ (hereafter, ‘You Accelerate’), which ends on the 9th, has drawn the journey towards happiness of Park Tae-yang (Park Joo-hyun) and Park Tae-joon (Chae Jong-hyeop). A lot of attention is focused on the last story of two young people who did not give up and ran without giving up on anything such as dreams, love, and relationships with family. In the midst of this, we pointed out the more interesting points to watch if you know ahead of the final broadcast.

◆ Park Joo-hyeon X Chae Jong-hyeop who advanced to the finals, what’s the future as a badminton player?

In the 15th episode of ‘You Accelerate’, which was broadcast on the 8th, Park Tae-yang and Park Tae-joon, who became partners again in mixed doubles, made a blast in the ‘2022 Korean Badminton King’s Championship’ and advanced to the finals. The national team coach paid attention to Park Tae-joon for their performance, and there were also articles highlighting the two.

However, ahead of the long-awaited final, Park Tae-joon, who had suffered an injury, had a problem with his knee. Also, in the ending of episode 15, an ambulance was caught entering the arena on the day of the mixed doubles final, amplifying viewers’ curiosity. What really happened in the finals? How will the lives of the doubles as badminton players go after the final? I am curious about the future of badminton players Park Tae-yang and Park Tae-joon.

◆ Playing games, kissing… Park Joo-hyeon and Chae Jong-hyeop who are not dating, what is the romance ending?

As such, Taeyang Park and Taejoon Park are showing great chemistry as mixed doubles partners, but they have not yet reunited as a couple. In addition, Park Tae-joon even kissed Park Tae-yang as an excuse for wishing, and Park Tae-yang also accepted it. The hearts of viewers are also burning with the romance of a couple who are not dating, although they do everything else. Attention is focused on whether the two people, who had a hard time maintaining a romantic relationship with love alone, will officially date again in the final episode.

◆ Shall we forgive Jo Hyang-suk and Park Joo-hyun and cheer for Chae Jong-hyeop?

There is one more wall to overcome for the happy ending of Park Tae-yang and Park Tae-joon. Those are the families of Park Tae-joon and Park Jun-young. Park Joon-young (Park Ji-hyun) forgave Park Tae-yang from her past three years ago, but Park Tae-joon and Park Jun-young’s mother, Jo Hyang-sook (Lee Ji-hyun), have yet to accept this. At the end of episode 15, Jo Hyang-sook heard that Park Tae-joon was playing with Park Tae-yang, and she even came to see Park Tae-yang in person. Did he really come to say something to Park Tae-yang? Can Park Tae-joon be happy with the support of his family, the person closest to him? Their final story is expected and awaited.

Meanwhile, Park Joo-hyun and Chae Jong-hyeop’s hot sports romance, the final match of ‘493km in speed to you’, which will unfold, will be broadcast at 9:50 pm on the 9th.

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