Paola Turci against Simone Pillon on the LGBT theme / “Unchristian and very fascist”

Paola Turci it hurled itself against Simone Pillon by virtue of a divergence of views on the theme of the community LGBT. The question and answer, carried out remotely through social networks, was born from a post by the Northern League senator, who complimented some baseball players in Tampa for refusing to take the field with the rainbow logo on the uniform in the month of Pride at a match. The news, in reality, is not even entirely truthful, as only five members of the team have taken this position.

“Honor to the baseball players of Tampa who refused to wear the gay pride logo in the name of their Christian faith. The LGBT ideology is radically against faith, as demonstrated by the blasphemous fashion shows of these days. Opposing the gay agenda is a gesture of faith. It’s expensive, and I know a little about it, since I’ve been on trial for almost 8 years, but it’s worth it. Without hating or despising anyone, but faithful to the truth ”, this is the message published by Simone Pillon on Twitter with a poster on the subject signed by him.

Paola Turci against Simone Pillon on the LGBT theme: the question and answer

The answer of Paola Turci to the message of Simone Pillon against the community LGBT it was not long in coming. The singer, through her Twitter account of hers, launched a brief but significant accusation against the Northern League senator. “How unchristian (and very fascist) all this, including the manifesto,” she commented.

Simone Pillon, in turn, he countered: “By now we are absurd that it is not enough to passively endure LGBT indolence: it is mandatory to join Pride, under penalty of excommunication reserved for the fascists. Dear Paola, she sings that passes you. I wish you soon recovered from COVID, and also from the ideologies that you carry in your heart. I, like the Tampa players, and like the vast majority of the world’s population, want to stay free from the rainbow rosettes. By the way: a fascist is someone who wants to impose their dogmas on others. I don’t expect you to come to the processions, but you can’t expect us to comply with LGBT diktats ”.




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