Panama vs. El Salvador, live

The Savior draw 0-0 against Panama in the last game of group C of the CONCACAF Under 20 World Cup at the National Stadium in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

At minute 13, the first clear option of the game was given, after a bad start by the Salvadorans and a robbery by the Canalero midfield, Leonel Tejada controlled the ball in three quarters of the blue field, taking a shot that went over the defended goal by Damian Alguera.

Five minutes later, after a bad reception by César Orellana, the ball was left to Panamanian Carlos Rivera who gave it to Tejada and after a deflection in the Salvadoran saga the ball went out for a corner kick.

Tejada again took a shot at 35′ after poor coordination in the Cuscatleca defense. El Salvador did not clearly approach the Panamanian goal.

The clearest option for those led by Gerson Pérez was when, after a game change, the ball was left to Mayer Gil and he took a shot that went close to Miguel Pérez’s right post at 45′.


The match was difficult for both teams, with many foul interruptions and time loss over the course of most of the time.

Both technicians moved their pieces but neither managed to change the rhythm of a game that was consumed with a 0-0 scoreline that served the Salvadorans well for achieving first place in the group and playing against the Dominican Republic in the round of 16.




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