Pain in Argentine football: Sergio Lippi, historic Ascenso coach, died

Sergio Lippi left an unforgettable memory in Sarmiento de Junín

A deep pain was installed in Argentine soccer. Is that Sergio Lippi, historic coach of ascent, died at age 65 after battling a long illness. In the last hours, Sarmiento of Junin “deeply” lamented the death of the beloved strategist who during his career passed through the Buenos Aires club for three cycles, where he stands out promotion to the first division in 2014.

We deeply regret the death of Sergio Lippi, who He achieved two promotions in our institution as DT. We accompany family and friends in this difficult time. See you always, teacher”, the Junín entity published in its official Twitter account. Twitter.

Sergio Lippiwho died at the age of 65 after a long illness, was a player of Jorge Newbery and of Mariano Moreno of Junin, his hometown. His first steps in a coaching staff were taken together with Hector pimp Rivoira, in the role of aide de camp.

In 2008 took over for the first time as manager of Sarmientoon the B Subway. The great climb of the green team materialized years later in the National B (2012) and the first division (2014), con Lippi as a mentor. Hence the fans of the Kiwi assume a deep regret and keep a pleasant and immense respect for his memory.

Lippi also directed Douglas Haig of Parchment, where did he get the ascent to the Argentine Tournament A (2010); a Misiones North Cruise; Olympus of Bahía Blanca; y Patronage of Entre Rios, among others.

In november of 2019 He had had to leave his post at the Bahia institution due to physical problems related to his illness. Even in February of this year, the technical director had been intervened to heart surgery and had to remain in intensive care for a long time.

We mourn the passing of Sergio Lippi, who was Héctor Rivoira’s assistant in 2004. Our condolences to your family and friends. RIP”, he wrote on social networks Central Cordoba.

In the same sense, the official account of the Argentine Cup on Twitter joined the support for its inner circle: “The Official Site of the Argentine Cup mourns the death of Sergio Lippi, who was Sarmiento’s coach at the beginning of the competition. Condolences to your family and friends”.




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