Pacific 2022 mini-games: the summary of Wednesday, June 22

Gold, silver and bronze medal in aquathlon, defeats in tennis and badminton… Find the summary of the Pacific Mini-games in Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands, for this Wednesday, June 22.

The day started with good news for Caledonians in Saipan, in the Northern Mariana Islands. Our cagou triathletes won the gold medal in the team aquathlon on the neighboring island of Rota. Other medals were gleaned individually. Charlotte Robin and Mathieu Szalamacha pocketed two silver medals. Nathalie Viratelle and Patrick Vernay, two bronze medals.

The Cagous won the team aquathlon, in Rota, this Wednesday, June 22.

©Eric Meunier

The badminton team final took place this morning in a supercharged atmosphere, both on the Cagou and Tahitian sides, at the Oleai sports complex. A tight final, which ends in gold for the Tahitians and in silver for our Cagous. In mixed doubles, the Caledonians were beaten 17/21 – 17/21. Johanna Kou also lost 19/21 – 15/21. Same thing for Carl N’Guela 21/18 – 19/21 – 18/21.

Mini-games 2022: Badminton NC / Tahiti 1

The Cagous played their team final against the Tahitians.

©Alix Madec / NC1ere

In women’s doubles, the Cagoues lost 12/21 – 21/14. And in men’s doubles 08/21 – 10/21.

Mini Games 2022: Badminton NC June 22

Yohan De Geoffroy and Marine Souviat in mixed doubles during the team final, against the Tahitians.

©Alix Madec / NC1ere

Victor Lopes lost his match this Wednesday morning, on the courts of American Memorial Park, against the Tahitian Gullian Osmont. Final score: 6/3 – 7/5. This afternoon, our Cagous were supposed to play again, but the rain played spoilsport and shifted the schedule. They were finally beaten on Wednesday evening, and will therefore have no chance of a medal.

Mini-games 2022: Tennis June 22 NC

Victor Lopes, lost his match against the Tahitian Gullian Osmont, on the courts of the American Memorial Park in Saipan on June 22.

©Alix Madec / NC1ere

No medal on the other hand this Wednesday for Caledonia, in weightlifting. Demy Dabin was the last to pass in the discipline. She finishes 5e, in its category of less than 71 kg. She totals 65 kg in the snatch and 80 kg in the clean and jerk, or 145 kg in total, behind the Guamanian Armie Almazan. The Australian Darcy Kay is first, with 196 kilos in total.

2022 Mini Games: NC Weightlifting June 22

Demy Dabin came 5th in her weightlifting category in Saipan.

©Alix Madec / NC1ere

New Caledonia therefore won three silver and three bronze medals in weightlifting.

The Cagous played against Kiribati this Wednesday morning, on the grounds of Saipan. They won their meeting 21/12 – 21/16.

Second day of competition for our golfers, on the seafront courses of the Coral Ocean Resort. And the girls gave it their all. They lead the team standings, 15 strokes ahead of Guam. Mohéa Mansbendel is ranked 77, Inès Lavelua-Tufele 78, Lola Alibaud 80 and Emeline Mardelaine 86.

Minigames 2022: Golf NC

New Caledonian golfers are preparing, on the grounds of southern Saipan, in the Northern Mariana Islands.

©Alix Madec / NC1ere

Among the boys: Hugo Koch and Jules Guepy are ranked 71 at the end of this second day. Guillaume Castagne ranks 73, and Dylan Benoît ranks 76. The boys are second in the team ranking behind Guam, 1 point apart.

Second day also for our Cagou athletes on the grounds of the Oleai sports complex. Despite the rain, Emmanuel Eatene rushed for the 400 meters, just like our standard bearer Loan Ville in the 400 meters hurdles. Results to be found in our newspaper tomorrow.

2022 Mini-Games: NC Athletics June 22

Emmanuel Eatene, on the track of the Oleai sports complex, in Saipan, this June 22.

©Agathe Calandreau / NC1ere

At the end of the day, New Caledonia has 25 medals in total, 3 gold, 11 silver and 11 bronze. A figure that can quickly change, with the continuation of athletics events this evening.

The va’a is back tomorrow, Thursday. In total, 8 disciplines will continue their meetings, including 6 which concern our Cagous. These are athletics, badminton, beach volleyball, golf, tennis and va’a. Find the full program ici.

The entire NC la 1ère team is mobilizing to make you experience the Mini-games of the Pacific, from Saipan.

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