Pacific 2022 mini-games: the summary of Monday, June 20

With their first medals in triathlon, va’a and weightlifting, the Cagous have been busy at the start of the week. Find the summary of the Pacific Mini-games of Saipan, in the Northern Mariana Islands, of Monday, June 20.

Gold, from their first day of entry into the Mini-games, in Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands. The cagou rowers impressed this Monday, on the lake of 13e Fisherman UTT. Albert Mainguet won in V1 and the Cagous also won the V12 race. Outstanding performance.

The Caledonians won two gold medals in va’a, this Monday, January 20 in Saipan.

©Alix Madec / NC1ere

The New Caledonian triathletes did not disappoint this morning either, on the island of Rota close to that of Saipan. Caledonian Manon Brasseur won the silver medal and Charlotte Robin the bronze. Among the men, Mathieu Szalamacha took silver, and Patrick Vernay bronze.

She is the first Caledonian to compete in the discipline and was stressed before getting down to it, but Prescillia Piotrowsky did not deserve it, this Monday in Saipan. She won three silver medals in the under 55 kg category. She totaled 149 kg, with 69 kg in the snatch and 80 kg in the clean and jerk.

2022 Mini Games: NC Weightlifting

Prescillia Piotrowsky won three silver medals in her category, -55kg.

©Alix Madec / NC1ere

Mini-games 2022: weightlifting June 20

Prescillia Piotrowsky medalist at the Saipan Mini-games.

©William Lecren / NC1ere

In total at the end of this day, Caledonia won 9 medals including 2 gold, 5 silver and 2 bronze. She ranks 6e place, behind Polynesia and the Solomon Islands. Papua New Guinea is first.

First day on the pitch for the Cagous in badminton, and they did it. The Caledonian players won against Wallis and Futuna this morning, then against the Northern Mariana Islands this afternoon.

  • Against Wallis and Futuna, the first match was won in 21/17 – 21/11. Lucas Juillot loses in 3 sets but Marine Souviat wins against Wallis 21/5 – 21/8. In men’s doubles, the Caledonians also won, 21/16 – 21/13. The women’s doubles also won 21/12 – 21/19.
  • Against the Northern Marianas, the Cagous also win. They won in the first game 21/17 – 21/13. In women’s singles, Marine Naveros also won, 21/9 – 21/11. Same thing in men’s singles for Carl N’Guela with 21/13 – 21/05. In men’s doubles, the Cagous win with 21-05 / 2-12. And in women’s doubles, 21/13 – 21/07.
Mini-games 2022: Badminton NC

The badminton team of New Caledonia faced on Monday those of Wallis-and-Futuna and the Northern Mariana Islands.

©Alix Madec / NC1ere

Finally, on the tennis side, Louam Boivin gave a very good performance, but lost against the Marianne professional tennis player Colin Sinclair. Final score: 6/0 – 6/2.

The other three tennis players, on the other hand, won on the courts of American Memorial Park. Victor Lopes won his match 6/1-6/0, Rafael Bonnet de Laborgne 6/2-2/0 and Icham Tidjine 6/0-3/0.

Finally, on the beach volleyball side, the Cagous bowed to the Vanuatais for their first meeting. Final score: 18/21- 17/21. They also lost to Tuvalu 23/21 – 21/13.

Minigames 2022: Beach Volleyball

Caledonians Jonathan Taoupoulou and Loïc Ue lost to Vanuatu in Saipan.

©Agathe Calandreau / NC1ere

From tomorrow, 8 disciplines will be represented, including 7 which concern the Cagous. Athletics enters the race, same thing for golf. Badminton matches continue, as do beach volleyball, tennis, triathlon, weightlifting and va’a.

Find the full program ici.

The entire NC la 1ère team is mobilizing to make you experience the Mini-games of the Pacific, from Saipan.

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