Pacific 2022 Mini-Games: Summary for Sunday, June 19

The cagou tennis player Louam Boivin qualifies for the second round of the individual. Rowers, athletes and weightlifters prepare for a week of fierce competition. Find the summary of the 2022 Pacific Mini-games in Saipan, in the Northern Mariana Islands, for this Sunday, June 19.

The only discipline contested this Sunday at the Saipan Mini-games: tennis. And Louam Boivin was the only one to play this afternoon on the courts of American Memorial Park, for the first round of the individual.

He won against his opponent from Guam Aidan Schembari, 6-0 / 6-2. A victory that the Cagou celebrates on his birthday, he is celebrating his 17th birthday. Tomorrow, he will face Colin Sinclair, a professional tennis player from Marianne, who has entered the ATP circuit.

Louam Boivin on the courts of the American Memorial Park, in Saipan.

©Alix Madec / NC the 1st

The Cagou will therefore find the three other Caledonians, Rafael Bonnet de Laborgne, Victor Lopes and Icham Tidjine, this Monday, for the second round of the individuals.

Note that the Tahitians, who took our Cagou out of the team tournament, won a bronze medal. This is the first, for the fenua delegation.

The coming week promises to be busy in Saipan, in the Northern Mariana Islands. Officially open on Friday evening, the Mini-games start with a bang on Monday. Seven disciplines will see their athletes compete from tomorrow. Five concern the Cagous: badminton, tennis, triathlon, weightlifting and va’a.

Mini-games 2022: Cagous training Va'a

The Cagous rowers in training, Sunday June 19, in Saipan.

©Alix Madec / NC the 1st

Our cagou rowers trained early in the morning, on the body of water in front of the Oleai sports complex, where the opening ceremony took place on Friday evening. Before them on the water, the Tahitians did the same. They therefore trained just after their opponents, whom they beat at the Apia Pacific Games in 2019.

It was time for last-minute adjustments too, for Prescillia Piotrowsky, in weightlifting. Lighter training, with gestures only and empty bars, to preserve yourself for tomorrow’s competition.

Mini Games 2022: Nc Weightlifting

Prescillia Piotrowsky in training on Sunday June 19 before her competition day tomorrow, Monday.

©Alix Madec / NC the 1st

She competes in the category of less than 55 kilos, at 3 p.m. (local time or 4 p.m. in Nouméa), this Monday. “The pressure starts to build“, assures the sportswoman. “I am very stressed, so I will try to manage my stress tomorrow. I won’t think about my ranking. I have to manage my bars and then we’ll see what happens next.“, details Prescillia.

And before getting to the heart of the matter tomorrow, we must resolve any physical and muscular problems that can cause injury. “That’s a lot of recovery after a trip that’s been tough on athletes“, specifies Marc Barré, doctor of the Caledonian delegation. “It took rehydration, massages and for the moment, we have a fairly satisfactory record of the preparation of the athletes.

Marc Barré, doctor of the Caledonian delegation, at the microphone of William Lecren:

Marc Barré, doctor of the Caledonian selection

Seven disciplines are on the program, and six concern our Cagous. These are tennis, badminton, va’a, weightlifting, triathlon and beach volleyball.

Find the details of the program by discipline ici.

Mini-games: program June 20

The program for Monday, June 20, 2022, at the 2022 Pacific Mini-Games.




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