Pablo Torre: “Real Madrid offered me more money, but my dream is Barça” – FC Barcelona

In an interview with journalist Adrian Contreras on social networks, Paul Tower explained why he preferred Barca to Merengues.

Pablo Torre failed Real in favor of FC Barcelona

The young nugget Paul Tower explained this Thursday that the intervention of Xavi was decisive in his decision to join the Catalans.

“It was quick. My agent told me about it, he contacted Mateu Alemany. I was with the selection in Las Rozas, and I was told that I had a video call to make with Xavi. He explained the project to me,” he first explained.

“I shit myself on it (laughs). But it went well, he treated me like I was one of his sons. Alright, really. And in addition, I spoke with the young people of Barça and they told me that he treats them very well too. I haven’t been able to speak with the captains yet,” added the Spanish player.



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