owner of Elan Béarnais, threatened with relegation, David Otto displays his confidence and pleads for “misunderstanding”

Under the influence of a refusal of commitment in Betclic Elite and Pro B because of its financial situation, Pau-Lacq-Orthez will appeal on July 11.

Relegation, filing for bankruptcy, liquidation. This is the disaster scenario that is looming for Pau-Lacq-Orthez, historic club of the French basketball championship, winner of the Coupe de France and semi-finalist of Betclic Elite in 2021-22. A more concrete scenario than ever since the National Directorate of Consulting and Management Control (DNCCG) pronounced a refusal to commit Elan Béarnais to Betclic Elite and Pro B on June 23. Sanction based on the fragile and opaque finances of the club with nine French championship titles, which appealed. Except that David Otto, the American president of Counterpointe Sport Group (CSG), a US investment fund, is still confident, very confident, before his big oral on July 11. “To sum up, we intend to inform the LNB that we will be able to provide the requested capital, ie 1.1 million euros, as well as the guarantees, and that we will lower the budget. We will quickly restore the financial situation“, he says this Wednesday, in the columns of the daily The Team .

In fact, Mr. Otto refers to a “incomprehensionbetween his methods and a National Basketball League (LNB) that he does not hesitate to scratch in passing. “Our project is also an opportunity for the LNB and professional basketball, whose development is under-exploited in France. There is a very strong basketball culture here and talents that are not valued as they should by the LNB which is responsible for it. There are no TV contracts or even an OTT offer to match… I’m surprised the system is so fragile. We can help correct it, improve it, we have the resources to“, he says, confirming in conclusion to be optimistic for the continuation of the operations. At least, “if we stick to the demands made by the League».

The impotence of Marie de Pau

To see if the senior management council of the LNB will share the views of David Otto on July 11. In the meantime, the lovers of Elan Béarnais are trembling and shots are fired at the Town Hall and François Bayrou, accused of not having taken all the precautions before handing over the club to the Americans of CSG last year. Which Mr. Bayrou mentioned the hypothesis of a recovery last Monday, during a stormy municipal council and which took place to the sound of the drums of Pau supporters, present in front of the Town Hall. “I heard that there were buyers and that CSG was ready to pass on. Is the League ready to support this recovery? I heard that maybe. I hope that the magnificent season that Elan has just had can encourage the interest of a certain number of buyers.“, indicated the former Minister of Education, admitting his helplessness: “We are no longer the Elan Béarnais“. An Elan Béarnais who may be a resident of an amateur division in two weeks.



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