Oviedo sets itself the challenge of once again exceeding 20,000 subscribers

Not only Tito Blanco makes numbers in Oviedo to sign this or that player. In the offices of the Tartiere there is a slogan from the good end of the League that the team starred in, with a sensational streak and a great atmosphere in the stadium.

The objective is to maintain the illusion after the departure of Ziganda and the goodbye of Rubén Reyes. In the club they believe that it is possible. In fact, there is a challenge that is being discussed in private for 22/23: to once again exceed the 20,000 season ticket holder, a milestone that has only been possible in three seasons throughout Oviedo’s history, all in this last stage in Second Division. To achieve the challenge, the new subscriber campaign prepared by the entity will be fundamental, an issue that is often controversial among Oviedo supporters.

The club is already working on it, but there is still no approximate launch date. As always happens, the club’s rectors in the city will be in charge of designing the campaign and before its launch it must go through the filter of Arturo Elías, maximum shareholder.

The club, behind the scenes, claims to have taken note of what happened last year, with notable success in the second round campaign after the price reduction. In summer it was decided to freeze prices for the second consecutive year and it was not until winter, after the aforementioned drop and several specific promotions, when the atmosphere improved. In fact, the attendance at the stadium was improving in 2022 at a good pace, although it finally remained at just under 11,000 spectators, below what was expected in any case.

With this situation, a possible drop in prices is on the table, the eternal request of the supporters clubs, which the club will study, although in no case is it guaranteed. Federico González and David Mata are the main people responsible for designing the campaign. In the coming weeks, a meeting is planned between members of the club and the Association of Peñas (Aparo) in which the requests of the fans will be studied. The creation of a family card, making more differentiated subscriptions and repeating the card for supporters who are on the Aparo list, which yesterday organized a meeting of its associates to discuss the situation of the club and the issue of prices, are some of the ideas that the blue entity is studying.

Oviedo’s challenge, to overcome the barrier of 20,000, is ambitious, but not impossible. The entity already achieved it in the 2017/2018 campaign with 20,796 faithful, the highest number. In the next one they were 20,046. Since then, and before the pandemic, Oviedo began to suffer a significant drop in membership that has begun to recover. Last year it ended with 18,362, almost a thousand more than the previous season.



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