Oviedo hastens the details of Bolo’s contract

It seems like a matter of details. “We’re on that. It will soon be resolved.” Oviedo assumes from the inside the delay in the arrival of a new coach to replace the Cuckoo Ziganda just a week after the Navarrese said goodbye to the entity. Hours later Tito Blanco arrived at the sports management. And seven days later things are still the same: without a confirmed coach in charge a few weeks before starting the preseason and with the fans waiting for news. On this occasion, there is a subtle difference regarding the selection process to replace Ruben Reyes.

The one chosen by the club is Jon Pérez Bolo, already ex Ponferradina, after a period of internal reflection and conflicting opinions in the Carbayona entity. This was communicated by Oviedo to the coach last Sunday. However, confirmation from the other side of the pond was missing. An essential step that already seems to have been taken: the club’s property received the approval of Mexico yesterday afternoon for the Bilbao-born candidacy. There were several calls between both parties, also with Bolo’s agents and the coach himself, and at press time the details of his new contract were still being outlined.

In the last few hours, according to sources close to the operation, some economic “disadvantages” have arisen that both parties hope to channel. Bolo, except for unforeseen events, hopes to be in the city this week to take up the post and get to know the club in depth after a few days of tense waiting, pending the final decision of the property, personified in the figure of Arturo Elías.

At Oviedo, aware of the unpredictability of football, caution is exercised about his hiring, although his arrival is taken for granted unless the end is unforeseen. The other candidate proposed by Tito, Julio Velazquez, lost steam with the passing of days and just yesterday his most direct environment expressed himself very clearly: “Velázquez is not going to be Oviedo’s coach”. Once the “inconveniences” of Bolo’s contract are resolved, Oviedo would make his contract official. Therefore, unless these obstacles are overcome, something unlikely, the blue team would already have a new coach to replace Cuco. The other scenario, which the club does not even want to imagine, would be to explore another alternative. Oviedo is one of the few teams that will compete in the Second Division next year that has not yet announced its coach. Of those who competed last year in the Second Division, only Lugo does not have a confirmed coach. In the case of the Galician club, it is expected that the arrival of the Asturian Hernan Perezbrother of Michu, be announced in the next few hours. Regarding the newly promoted, it is practically taken for granted that the technicians who achieved the jump in category will follow the course that they have been directing their respective teams in Second.



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