Oviedo and Levante fight to take Sergi Enrich and Joni Montiel

Oviedo wants to make a leap in quality to its offensive focus and accelerates to close two arrivals: Sergi Enrich, owned, and Joni Montiel, through a transfer. The sensations of the blue entity are good but both operations present an obvious danger: Levante’s interest in both players. Bad partner to fight in a negotiation: the Valencian team, as a team that comes from the First Division, has the help of relegation and will have one of the three highest salary caps. But Tito and Bolo are clear: they want Enrich and Montiel in their Oviedo.

Both cases have certain parallels. Against the economic muscle of Levante, Oviedo pulls a more emotional condition. With Enrich, the Bolo factor, his coach last year in Ponferrada, can be decisive in dressing in blue; with Montiel, the midfielder’s insistence on repeating his experience at the Tartiere.

Enrich, the claim is on the bench

There is a phrase attributed to Jon Pérez Bolo in his last days in Ponferrada. “Wherever I go, I take Enrich”, they say from his closest circle that the technician expressed. So it is not surprising that in his first meetings with Tito the striker’s name was put on the table. The desire is reciprocal: Enrich would also feel happy under Bolo’s orders. But you have to square the economic issue. That is where Levante comes into play, with greater economic capacity than the Blues.

Joni Montiel. | john square

Oviedo and Levante are currently the two offers that Enrich is evaluating, willing not to prolong the uncertainty about his future and decide where he plays as soon as possible. The striker has also been sounded out by other Second Division teams, without a specific proposal to date, and has also been tempted by foreign clubs, although his wish is to continue in Spain. For this reason, except for the irruption of another club in the negotiations, the striker seems willing to choose between Oviedo and Levante.

The main difficulty that the blue team finds is the high cache of the Balearic Islands. What happened last year in Ponferrada, where his salary was lowered considerably, was an exception in his career in recent years. Enrich arrived at El Toralín after frustrating his arrival at Schalke 04 in the middle of September. Being free, Ponfe was able to close the arrival of him, already started the League. adjusting to the narrow margins of the salary limit.

Now, and once his stage in El Toralín is over, the striker understands that he wants to face new challenges, and points to the Spanish competition as the one he wants to continue competing. Levante put a more succulent contract on the table, but Oviedo pulls Bolo to balance the balance. In any case, the Balearic does not want to lengthen the wait much longer to make the final decision.

Enrich Efe

Less than 50,000 euros separate Montiel from Oviedo

In the case of Joni Montiel, the protagonists are repeated, Oviedo and Levante, and, with them, the dangers for the blues: the greater economic capacity of the Valencians. In this negotiation, the problem lies in the negotiation between clubs: Levante is willing to support a greater part of Montiel’s contract at Rayo Vallecano, which has already decided that it will release him on loan next season.

But the footballer’s desire must also be taken into account. And this is to repeat the experience at Oviedo, where he acted last year on loan and, although it was difficult for him to get into Ziganda’s eleven, he ended up being decisive in the best months of the team in the final stretch.

The blue club and Rayo have been negotiating for days without an agreement having been reached at the moment. The discrepancy is in the amount that Oviedo must assume from the midfielder’s file. Sources close to the negotiation point out that these differences are less than 50,000 euros, an affordable amount, but the Carbayón club’s position has not changed in recent days.

Levante’s appearance on stage complicates a happy outcome for Oviedo. The Granota club offers Rayo to cover a larger part of the player’s salary. Montiel, however, maintains his position of wanting to repeat another year with Oviedo, although the last word must be agreed with his club.


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