Our school’s 2022 staff basketball game ended successfully

Our school’s 2022 staff basketball game ended successfully

News from this website On June 22, our school’s 2022 faculty and staff basketball game ended successfully in the Sports Center Complex. Chen Xiangjun, secretary of the school’s party committee and principal, presented awards to the teams that won the championship and runner-up in Group A and Group B.

After nearly two weeks of fierce competition in the group stage and the knockout stage, in the end, the faculty representative team of the School of Geography and Tourism won the first place in the first group, the first team of the organization won the second place in the first group, the School of Mathematics and Statistics and the School of Architecture and Engineering won the third place, and the School of Political Science and Law won the third place. College and College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering won the fifth place. The School of Biology and Agricultural Resources and the School of Computer Science won the championship and runner-up in Group B and were upgraded to Group A. The team of the School of Geography and Tourism has won the staff basketball championship for five consecutive years.

The staff basketball competition is divided into two groups: Group A and Group B, and the promotion and relegation system is adopted. The top eight teams in the 2021 faculty and staff basketball competition will be in Group A, and the teams that have not won the top eight will be in Group B. The competition system of the two groups adopts the first stage of group round-robin and the second stage of cross-elimination. The teams with 7th and 8th place in Group A will be relegated to Group B, and the teams with 1st and 2nd place in Division B will be promoted to Group A, which will be used as the basis for the next year’s competition.

The teams worked together in solidarity, sweated their passion, and fought with high spirits. The competition not only enriched the spiritual and cultural life of the faculty and staff, and promoted the development of the national fitness movement, but also inspired the whole school faculty and staff to welcome the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the third party congress of the school with more enthusiasm and better results. Victory held.

The 26 branch trade union faculty and staff representatives of the school participated in this competition.

Reviewer:Ye Shuguang

(Text and pictures: Jian Zhifen, editor in charge: Ye Ruolan)



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