Ortoetruria WeCom away in the capital, a victory is needed for Serie B

Sport – Basketball – Serie G gold – Game 2 of the playoff final will be played on the parquet of the blue star Rome (20.30)

by Samuele Sansonetti

Sport – Basketball – Blue Star – The team on the pitch

Roma – The most important step is missing for promotion to Serie B.

No stopping for Ortoetruria WeCom, which after the success of Monday is called to repeat itself in the second act of the playoff final.

At PalaMalè, thanks to a blue star Roma without many owners engaged all year in Serie A2, it finished 76-38 in front of a surprising audience of almost 1300 spectators.

With a victory also tonight in Rome, Fanciullo’s team would close the series in two matches, definitively mortgaging the passage to Serie B.

At the Altero Felici Arena, however, it will be another story and the result is not at all obvious. In order not to postpone the speech to the beauty (the eventual play-off will be played on Sunday at PalaMalè) a perfect WeCom Ortoetruria will be needed.

Samuele Sansonetti

June 15, 2022



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