Orioles will represent Gómez Palacio in the Mazatlán National Baseball Tournament 2022

The team from the Municipal Baseball School, Orioles Gómez Palacio, corresponding to the 15-16 year old category, will travel this Wednesday, June 22, to participate in the Mazatlán National Baseball Tournament 2022, which takes place year after year in the port of Sinaloa.

The City Council, through the Sports Directorate, announced that this tournament brings together the best at the national level by teams, schools and academies that practice this sports discipline.

The activities will begin on Wednesday the 22nd and will end on Sunday the 26th of June, during which the young people from Gomezpalatinos will be giving their best effort and performance to bring good dividends to their city.

The Orioles de Gómez Palacio team is made up of students from the Municipal School, and who also participate in an outstanding way in the Regional Baseball League of La Laguna.

It is made up of Zaid Rodríguez, Emmanuel Ávila, Ricardo Gaytán, Félix Ramírez, Brayan Herera, Gustavo Becerra, Salvador Cabrales, Brayan Regis, Alberto Hernández, Jairo Vázquez, Yahir Guillermo Vitela, as well as Diego Ramírez, Irving Holguín, Andy Lira, Erian Galindo. , Marco Delgadillo, Christian Delgado and Fidencio Salazar, coach.



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