on TikTok the ‘revenge’ against the ex

The ugly duckling grows up and mocks the ex who left her because she wasn’t pretty enough. In reality Kim Deker she has always been pretty, less flashy given her age, but always delightful. That rude and unrealistic refusal, however, did not go down to the girl who after a few years wanted to “take revenge” by showing what her mother nature had in store for her. Kim then decided to post a video on TikTok in which it shows its evolution: two images, before and after, already admired by over 100 thousand users. In the first, Kim wears a t-shirt, baseball cap and glasses. Her expression, a little sly, is declined on a tender face of a teenager. In the aftermath, instead, she shows off a sexy and gritty pose, immortalized at 20 during a photo shoot. Yes, because now she Kim is a model and she laughs at those who have treated her badly in the past.

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In order not to make the followers lack elements of criticism, the tiktoker, reports the Sun, also reported her version of the conversation about the breakup with her boyfriend. “I asked him if he broke up with me because I wasn’t attractive enough and he admitted it adding,” I know I can find someone nicer, I’m sorry, “Kim wrote. Then she posted everything with the tag “glowup” and waited for comments. Obviously all positive. So to play down the flood of compliments she added: “Until puberty, mom thought she had 2 children” implying that she herself saw herself as a tomboy .

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