Official! Jordi Really Joins Malaysian Club JDT


Johor Darul Takzim (JDT) officially announced Jordi Amat as a new player. Jordi Amat will wear number 55 at the Malaysian club.

The transfer announcement was made by JDT, among others, via the club’s official Twitter account, @OfficialJohor. JDT welcomes Jordi Amat.

Jordi Amat then went into the stadium and changed his suit. He then wore the JDT jersey with the back number 55.

At the end of the video, you can see Jordi Amat on the pitch of his new club’s home game wearing the same jersey numbered 55.

In recent times, Jordi Amat’s move has been widely speculated. Prior to this he had uniformed a number of European clubs such as Espanyol (Spain), Swansea City (Wales/England), Real Betis (Spain), Rayo Vallecano (Spain), and Eupen (Belgium).

Contract Jordi Amat with Eupen exhausted this summer so he could move on a free transfer to JDT. Currently, the Makassar-blooded player is completing the naturalization process as an Indonesian citizen (WNI).

Previously, PSSI Secretary General Yunus Nusi expressed hope that Jordi Amat could continue to graze in Europe.

“We have reminded him (Jordi Amat), that ‘you play in Europe is good for the future when you are in the national team’. As the good views of STY (Shin Tae-yong, coach of the Indonesian national team) and Dirtek (Indra Sjafri),” he said .




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