Oberliga men of JC Holzwickede clearly win against Ibbenbüren – SKU

Judo: Strong performance of the Oberliga fighters of the Judo Club Holzwickede. On the second day of the men’s judo league, JCH was able to score the first two points with a clear 8:2 against the league opponent Ibbenbüren. In the local Hilgenbaumhalle, all five weight classes could be occupied. In two rounds, each of the five weight classes will be fought against each other, with the teams having the opportunity to use other fighters for the first and second rounds.

Benedict Wolfsfeld, who defeated his opponent after 3:12 minutes with an ippon, made the start in the -66kg weight class. Florian Kosch +90kg, Jonas – Breier Neteler -90kg, Marius Körner -81kg and Nikita Djadin -71kg were also able to win their fights and thus gave the JCH a 5-0 lead. With this clear lead it went into the rematches. Here the Holzwickeder only gave up two fights, which meant the clear 8:2 victory for JC Holzwickede.

After the initial defeats on the first day of the fight against SFF Bonn and PSV Herford II, two important points for staying up in the league could now be scored. With this win, JCH moves up from eighth to sixth place in the table. The third day of fighting will take place on June 11 in Duisburg, where it will be against teams against JC 66 Bottrop II and PSV Duisburg.

picture: The Oberliga men of JC Holzwickede.


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