Numbers, Jay-Z and Inzaghi: behind the scenes of Romelu Lukaku’s transfer to Inter Milan

Barring a huge surprise, Romelu Lukaku will therefore indeed return to Inter Milan. This Monday, various media and journalists announced that an agreement had been reached between all parties. Here is the backstage of one of the transfers of the summer.

Chelsea, the big loser

For Chelsea, the financial loss is huge. The snub too. Last summer, the Blues spent 115 million euros on the Red Devil. Everyone seemed to win at the time. The formation of Abramovich, not yet mired in the Ukrainian war, recovered a number nine in full swing. The striker could put the points back on the I’s in the Premier League. And Inter Milan were receiving a hell of a sum as the club were plagued with financial problems.

Ten months later, the big loser is undeniably Chelsea. For the Nerazzurri, this looks like a real robbery. The Interists will have to pay an invoice of 8 million euros plus 5 of various bonuses for a one-year loan. Especially if the team wins the Scudetto left this year to the enemy of AC. And the player in there? He too will have to make concessions. Except that the financial aspect this time took a back seat. According to several Italian sources, Big Rom’ had to sweeten about 30% of his pay slip to try to “become the King” of Serie A again. Corriere dello Sport announces that he will receive around 8.5 net plus bonuses ( 11 million gross). Against 12 million euros net in England. The newspaper specifies that this is the salary he would have received if he had remained in Italy last year. So back to square one.

Jay Z, important intermediary

Several people were very crucial in closing the deal. Starting with the Devil’s trusted advocate: Sébastien Ledure. It was he who took over the file when the former Mauves player decided to do without Federico Pastorello. The latter had felt that a meeting should take place to talk about the season of his protege. Exit which had greatly annoyed Lukaku who did not want to draw light on him knowing that his club still had important deadlines to play.

Another important intermediary: Roc Nation. This company takes care of the image of Romelu Lukaku and is headed by Jay-Z, the famous rapper. With the eviction of Pastorello, Big Rom’ therefore finds himself without an agent (Sebastien Ledure being a lawyer). He needs to make contact with Todd Boehly, Chelsea’s new American boss, to discuss his future.

This is when a certain Michael Yormark comes into the picture. The Roc Nation president happens to have a great relationship with the Blues’ new owner. Yormack makes the first contacts and tries to influence the transfer to move forward. When this was the case, Sebastien Ledure was able to calmly negotiate the contracts and the transaction between the different parties. Tuchel also directly played a role in this transfer. Because the German has told his leaders that a quick sale of his undesirable number nine would be beneficial for everyone.

Lukaku, Inzaghi’s priority

If the Fans are not keen to see again Romelu Lukaku in Blue and Black, this is not the case for Simone Inzaghi. Last year, the transalpine coach was obsessive: he absolutely wanted to keep Romelu Lukaku. The player was not against the idea of ​​staying but wanted to revise his contract upwards. No offer came on the table. Which made the player look to see if the grass was greener elsewhere. For a year, Simone Inzaghi, although busy with the Scudetto, never forgot what the 29-year-old Belgian could have brought to his team.

Since the start of negotiations, the former Lazio boss has been pushing for the return of the number nine. This Monday, he was present at the headquarters of Inter to convince Zhang, the Interist president, that the price of the loan was ridiculous. He even begged his leader to make an extra effort to conclude the negotiations.

Finally, Pippo’s brother got what he wanted. Satisfied, he is convinced that Romelu Lukaku can allow him to win the Scudetto again. Above all, he will bring more depth than Edin Dzeko. If the Bosnian has given satisfaction this year, he does not have the same power as the Red Devil. For Inzaghi, Lukaku can transform a collective. This is what he will expect from the top scorer in the history of Belgium.

If Lukaku succeeds, all the parties will meet within twelve short months. According to Italian media, the Nerazzurri will try to renegotiate a new loan. Then to discuss a dry transfer in 2024. One thing is clear: Lukaku no longer wants to wear the Blues jersey. But one thing at a time. Before talking about next year, Big Rom’ will first have to demonstrate that he has lost none of his qualities. An entire program.



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