Not ‘The Minions’, Aaron Chia admits he’s afraid to face this opponent at the Indonesia Open 2022 later

HALOYOUTH – Although the Indonesia Open 2022 tournament is still far away, Aaron Chia, who is the mainstay of Malaysia’s men’s doubles, looks serious in preparing for the tournament.

The reason is that at the Indonesia Open 2022 later, Aaron Chia will certainly appear to face an opponent who is quite worthy to be reckoned with.

Not the opponent ‘The Minions’ Kevin Sanjaya/Marcus Gideon that makes the pair Aaron Chia/Soh Wooi Yik nervous in the Indonesia Open 2022 match, but their own compatriots, Man Wei Chong/Kai Wun Tee.

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The two Malaysian men’s doubles will face each other in the first round of the Indonesia Open 2022 which will be held on June 14-19.

Although the two pairs have never faced each other before, Aaron Chia doesn’t want to underestimate his potential opponent.

Because for the Tokyo Olympics bronze medalist, the duet of Man Wei Chong and Kai Wun Tee has a good attack pattern, and a solid defense. So it should be watched out for.

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“We’ve never met in any tournament before. They have strength in attack and also a pretty solid defense. It’s not an easy task to face teammates,” said Aaron Chia, quoted by from the Daily News on Saturday, June 4, 2022.



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