Not Sold in Liga 1 2022 This is the Unique Way of Saying Goodbye to Marko Simic, Miserable Fate Experienced by Former PSIS Captain

TRIBUNKALTENG.COM – The misery experienced by former Persija striker Marko Simic and former PSIS Semarang captain, Wallace Costa, both did not sell in Liga 1 2022.

Although it is rumored that he will join a number of teams, it turns out that the fate of the former Persija bomber, Marko Simic zonk, is that no Liga 1 2022 club is willing to recruit him.

Because he will not be playing in Liga 1 2022, Marko Simic has decided to return to his hometown, Croatia.

Marko Simic’s goodbye via Instagram is quite unique.

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He uploaded a photo while wearing the Persija Jakarta uniform while holding the Croatian flag.

“Back home,” wrote Marko Simic.

Marko Simic’s fate is indeed sad because it is compared to his performance while defending Persija.

Five seasons defending Persija Jakarta, Marko Simic presented three trophies.

Namely the 2017/2018 League 1 champion, 2017/2018 Indonesian Cup and 2021 Menpora Cup.

Indeed, several times there have been rumors that link the two of them to a number of teams, but zonk.



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