Nogent: meeting in halftone

Chartres. ATHLETICS – Meeting of Nogent le Rotrou in half shade. Athletics The meeting at the end of the first part of the season, played on Friday evening at the Robert-Huwart stadium in Nogent-le-Rotrou, in a relaxed atmosphere, brought together around a hundred athletes.

Was it the stormy weather that led the two Ornais, Guillaume Fletcher and Manon Aumoitte, headliners of this meeting, not to honor their commitment? Still, Louis Tchétché (Aclam) found himself somewhat isolated over 100m. Despite a disastrous start and a capricious wind, he still put in a quality performance (11”44). Note that at the same time, his training colleague, Jordan Miezi, slammed 10”87 at Coulaines (Sarthe), with a wind that was a little too positive to constitute a new personal best.

For the rest, the people of Nogent stood out in the image of Blandine Miserette, who succeeded in the double 100 m (13”47) and 400 m (62”62), or the newcomer to the ASN, defector from RC Nantes, Agathe Barré. The latter (photo above) is gradually finding good feelings and won the javelin with 31.28m. Now licensed to RC Vichy but still from Nogent at heart, Martin Lhote did not have to force his talent to win the 3000m by going down under nine minutes (8’59”48).



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