No win against Wales again: Red Devils still give away victory in final minutes | UEFA Nations League 2022/2023

It was 1-0 before kick-off. With their a cappella version of the Welsh national anthem, the home supporters provided a real goosebumps moment. Less than 5 minutes into the game, the 1-0 was effectively on the scoreboard. Or at least for a moment, because Ampadu’s early goal was rightly rejected by the VAR for prior offside.

It marked the enthusiastic start of Wales. The Belgians had a hard time with it. Boyata let a pass from James slip through his legs, Bale just couldn’t extend the ball into the goal. On the other side, Tielemans gave it some resistance, Hennessey had a great save on his volley.

The Belgians gradually got better in the game, but the finesse was lacking. Carrasco ended up slacking on Hennessey after a nice cross by De Bruyne. Moments later, he got a second chance on a sharp counter, but he missed his shot completely.

Shortly before half time, Trossard came closest to 0-1 on a blocked shot by Batshuayi, but only for the open goal did he miss a goal. De Bruyne also took his chance with a surprising bang, Hennessey kept Wales upright.

Early in the second half, the Belgians succeeded. After a nice attack, Batshuayi kept the overview in the sixteen. He prepared the ball perfectly for Tielemans, who aimed the 0-1 out of Hennessey’s reach.

The hardest thing seemed done and the 2-2 score in the Netherlands-Poland also sounded like music to our ears. But it turned out to be a lullaby for the Devils, who were not looking for a second goal. In a second half that was full of substitutions, the Belgians let Wales get back into the game.

With a header by Rodon on a free kick by Ramsey, the Devils escaped, but moments later it was hit. After a wonderful assist from the same Ramsey, Johnson controlled the equalizer past Casteels. This time the VAR didn’t save the day. Again no win for the Belgians against their “angstgegner”.



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