No need to say hello to the ground or punctuality. With guidance that is not “natural”, we won the national tournament in a row | Full-Count

Taga Youth Baseball Club Director Tsuji “There is no god on the ground”

There is no point in acting without aim or purpose. Director Masato Tsuji of the elementary school baseball team “Taga Shonen Baseball Club” in Taga Town, Shiga, who has decided to participate in the national tournament this year and has been the best in Japan twice in the last five years, greets the ground and prays for victory. I don’t think punctuality is necessary. In Part 3 of the series, he talked about the “natural” teaching of youth baseball.

I’ve been doing it all the time. There are many practices in youth baseball that continue for no apparent reason. Tsuji, who has been leading the team for 34 years this year, has always doubted common sense. He thinks he should devote a limited amount of time to the necessary actions.

“Greetings to the ground are commonplace in youth baseball, but you don’t have to say hello to facilities or equipment. People who say there is a god on the ground say,’I don’t.’ Is there anyone who greets the roads and railroads when commuting? When you go to work, no one should say “please” to the building. I think you should say hello to the guard. Practice without injury even in baseball. If you are grateful for what you have done, you should thank the person who maintained the ground. “

Director Tsuji also asks questions about writing wishes in strips and praying for victory. That alone does not help him achieve his goal.

“I think there are various goals for children who want to go to Koshien, children who want to learn something through baseball, and at that time, it is important for leaders and parents to ask the children,” What should I do? ” The child will start thinking about what to do. For example, if you want to keep a short, you can get closer to your goal by referring to the sample players around you. There is no point in praying for victory. It is important how you move toward your goals. “

“It’s my job to tell you what you can only learn with this team.”



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