No buses due to strike by regional carriers

do 23 jun, 09:57

Traffic and transport

REGIO Regional transport in Amersfoort will be halted next Monday due to a strike. FNV Streekvervoer reports that the bus drivers are stopping work in several cities in the country.

Syntus Utrecht only knows which journeys will be canceled shortly in advance, ‘but is doing its utmost to remove all canceled journeys from the travel planners’, the carrier writes.

Action is being taken against employers’ collective labor agreement proposals. Lutz Kressin, director FNV Streekvervoer speaks on behalf of the bus drivers and accuses the regional transport companies of only wanting to work cheaper and more efficiently at the expense of the drivers. “The drivers are earning less and less and the workload is sky-high. This makes it increasingly difficult for them to make ends meet and the absenteeism rate is enormous. That spiral must be broken with a better collective labor agreement.”

In February, the employers suddenly broke off the collective labor agreement negotiations by making an unannounced final offer. “The employees had to deal with that. It was a meager offer and was therefore voted down by our members’, says Kressin. FNV then sent an ultimatum with the original demands. Because the employers did not want to talk about that either, the country has been on strike since May for a better collective labor agreement.

The members of FNV have indicated that they will continue with campaigns until there is a better collective labor agreement. More actions will follow after the summer. Kressin informs us that a national day of action is also being prepared.

Syntus warns:
The strike will take place at Syntus Utrecht and U-OV.
Rides may be canceled throughout the Province of Utrecht. City and region.
The strike does not apply to the neighborhood buses and SyntusFlex.



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