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Director Tsuyoshi Shinjo, who will lead Nippon-Ham from this season. How does Yukihiro Nishizaki, an alumnus of the baseball team and a baseball critic, see the battle so far? In the first part, we asked about the pitchers whose ERA is currently sunk to 6th place in the league. (To the first part / second part of all 2 times) * All grades are as of the end of June 20

–The Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, led by Shinjo BIG BOSS, ranked 8th out of 12 teams with a record of 8 wins and 10 losses in the Pacific League match, but as of June 20, the winning percentage was less than 40% (.394). , Is sinking to the bottom of the Pacific League. How does Mr. Nishizaki, who is also an alumnus of the baseball team, evaluate the battle so far?

NishizakiTo be clear, I haven’t left a satisfactory number, but half of the season isn’t over yet (66 games), so it’s about to come. It will take some time for the effects of actively appointing young people to be consistently produced from the opening.

–So far 26 wins and 40 losses. The pitcher’s ERA is 3.60, which is 6th in the league, but the team batting average is .241, which is 2nd, and the number of home runs is 52, which is the top of the league. It looks like a good sign.

NishizakiIt’s a season when the team that was 5th in the previous year (55 wins, 68 losses, 20 minutes, win rate .447) challenged without reinforcement, so it can’t be helped. When I was appointed as the manager, I said “I’m not aiming for a victory”, but it can be said that it is a battle as the word says. If you hadn’t watched the 2021 Fighters game carefully, you probably thought “I don’t know”.

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You’re probably trying to figure out how well the players on your team can fight and what their personality is. You probably didn’t know much about the other team. It can be said that the director is fighting without prejudice.



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