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After the trio at the beginning of the week with the signings of Alexander Hahn (29/Viktoria Berlin), Shaibou Oubeyapwa (29/Oberhausen) and Yassine Bouchama (25/Homberg), it will be a little quieter again in the next few days at regional league team Münster. At least that’s what the sports director says…

Niemeyer takes stock. Prussia is still looking for a keeper!

“Our transfer activities are not completely over. But the basic structure is in place for now,” assures Peter Niemeyer (38) to BILD, “I think we are very well positioned with our five newcomers.” Marc Lorenz (33/KSC) and Niko Koulis (23/Kiel II ) previously signed with the Black-White-Greens.

However, Niemeyer makes it clear: “We will continue to keep our eyes and ears open. If there is still a chance somewhere to get a real reinforcement, we will take it.” As a reminder: the change window does not close until the end of August anyway…

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Prussia’s newcomers Shaibou Obuyapwa, Alexander Hahn and Yassine Bouchama (from left), who was the subject of much ado just one day after his commitmentPhoto: Private

The fact is: His statement only refers to field players. Because a goalkeeper is definitely still wanted. Niemeyer confirms the access of Duisburg’s Roman Schabbing (20). But it is probably intended for the U23s. “We will sign another goalkeeper,” explains Prussia’s sporting director, who is said to be in negotiations with a number of candidates.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Verls Robin Brüseke (29), who left East Westphalia after 14 years, is not one of them. is too old The new snapper must comply with the U23 rule if possible…

Less nice that there was already a lot of fuss about Yassine Bouchama just one day after his commitment to the Prussians. The Prussians had been informed that the ex-Homberger had “liked” the pages of political parties on his private Facebook profile that clearly belonged to the right-wing spectrum.

Preußen Sportdirektor Peter Niemeyer ging mit dem „Fall Bouchama“ bewusst sehr offen und transparent um. Ein Stillschweigen oder Aussitzen hätte seiner Ansicht sowohl Verein als auch Spieler nur geschPhoto: Jürgen Fromme/ firo Sportphoto

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Prussia sports director Peter Niemeyer deliberately dealt with the “Bouchama case” very openly and transparently. In his opinion, silence or sitting out would only have harmed both the club and the playerPhoto: Jürgen Fromme/ firo Sportphoto

Niemeyer immediately informed the committees and, together with them, sought an exchange with Bouchama: “Yassine was able to explain to us in an absolutely credible and comprehensible manner that there is no political conviction behind his likes,” says Münster’s sports boss and further, “he is a very political person interested young man who intensively deals with current social issues during his studies. ‘Liking’ a Facebook Page does not automatically mean approval of its content. But it also makes it possible to follow it in order to critically deal with the views expressed there.”

In any case, Bouchama reacted immediately after the discussion and immediately deleted all markings. Niemeyer is convinced: “The boy was born in Germany and is proud of his Moroccan roots and his Muslim faith. We are very happy that Yassine is now part of the Prussian family and shares our values ​​of tolerance and cosmopolitanism on and off the pitch.”

It remains to be hoped that Bouchama will only make headlines from a sporting point of view in the future. Best of course positive…

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