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The legend remains strong and ready to face anyone who wants to rip his head off. Tom Brady is considered the best player in the history of the National Football League (NFL) and at 45 he is still active. For this reason, the quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, assured to be “half crazy”.

I’m half crazy, it’s reality. I mean, I’m almost 45 years old and I’m here with a lot of young guys who are trying to rip my head off, but I still feel strong enough to compete.”Brady acknowledged.

On February 1 of this year, the winner of seven Super Bowl rings, an NFL record, announced his retirement because he explained that the time had come to spend more time with his family; 40 days later he backtracked and said he would play one more year with the Bucs.

The decision to return, the 15-time Pro Bowler confessed, won’t last long. “I still had an appetite to compete but it will soon be gone, there is no doubt about that, so I have to really appreciate the time I have left on the field because it is not much.” he added.

Brady acknowledged that it will be increasingly difficult to keep up with the competitive level of the NFL and gave as an example the strength of players such as Los Angeles Rams champion tackle Aaron Donal, a very aggressive quarterback hunter.

“I see Aaron Donald working out on my Instagram, and I think; ‘damn, maybe I should have stayed retired because he’s a beast’”detailed Donald’s ability, which he will face in week 9 when the Bucs meet the Rams.

The quarterback also talked about the role he will play after his retirement as an analyst for television in NFL games: “It’s going to be a whole new race. It is an opportunity to have a new learning because the day I walk on the set for the first time will surely not be my best moment. There will be many steps of growth and I will have to learn to be really good.

Brady hoped that his more than two decades on the pitch will allow him to overcome any difficulty on television: “I have a lot of experience and if I can help people along the way, talking to the coaches and the players, I will. I love this sport and I can be in it; This is what excited me the most about this new challenge.”

According to the quarterback, the approach that his career will take was obtained thanks to his short-lived retirement: “I think part of retiring for a very short period of time was so I was able to explore other opportunities and because of that these things came about. In the end, I’m happy I went through that.”



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