New Towers coach Korner: “Almost still startup character”

“We worked on the squad weeks ago,” revealed Korner. This happened above all with a view to German players, “because the market acts fastest there”. Character is extremely important to him. “He has to suit me and the players who are already there. I don’t want selfish players.”

Korner justified the decision in favor of the Towers with the environment: “For me, the most important thing is always to work with good people. With people who have ambitions, because I’m a very ambitious guy. But at the same time they also know where they come from and what is realistic.”

Korner is aware of the discussions about a new hall and the less than ideal training conditions. “One must not forget that Hamburg was promoted three years ago and what has happened in the meantime. The whole thing almost still has the character of a startup,” he said.

Korner is reticent about the sporting goals: “Of course we won’t stand up and say we want to stay up in the league this year, that wouldn’t do justice to the claim.” However, it is unrealistic to believe that after reaching the playoffs in the past two years it was “easy” to do this again. “No, it’s not,” Korner said. “For me, this goal-oriented thinking as a coach does not play a significant role. For me, the process is more important.”



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