New jersey there – Dynamo Dresden applied for master star – 3rd league

Dynamo’s new workwear for the 2022/23 season is here!

The new jersey will be presented by SGD fan Uwe Klinger, who has been a member of the club since 2004, by U17 talent Jonathan Akaegbobi and by Anya Shevchuk, the girlfriend of right-back Kyrylo Melichenko, whom SGD lost last season from the highly competitive Ukrainian Mariupol had taken up.

The special thing: Dynamo will also be celebrating its 70th birthday in these jerseys next year. For this reason, the founding date of the SGD, April 12, 1953, is anchored as a print on the back of the shirt.

In addition, the stripes incorporated into the design on the sleeves and in the collar have symbolic character. The total of 9 stripes each consist of a wine-red, 5 black and 3 yellow stripes and thus symbolize the founding year 1953.

In addition, the sports community has submitted an application to the German Football Association to be allowed to appear in the coming third division season with the “Champion Star” with an incorporated “8” above the club crest for the eight East German championship titles won.

The star has already adorned the jerseys in the third division past of the black and yellow.


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