New belt colors shine for the young judoka of TV Werne – Werne Plus


Werne. 31 judoka from TV Werne now faced the eyes of the examiners and completed their program. Since so many fighters were striving for a new belt color, the tests were spread over three dates.

All showed the mostly well-practiced examination programs of the fall school, standing, floor and randori. For the blue belt it was also necessary to show a kata.

Won the white and yellow belt:

Robin Bremer, Timo Grahlmann, Aaron Korth, Leticia Korth, Finn Schulze-Bisping, Jonas Voll,
Alexander Wenk

The judoka who are now allowed to wear the white and yellow belt. Photo: TVW Judo

Earned the yellow belt:

Vincent Tembaak, August Bernhard Hüsken, Oskar Drees, Manuel Mondry del Olmo, Theresa
Mondry del Olmo, Jana Voll, Julius Jany, Jakob Jany, Leon Voll, Marie Hagemeier, Levi

They were happy about the yellow-orange, the orange, the orange-green and the blue belt. Photo: TVW Judo

The yellow-orange belt is now worn by:

Felix Kauke, Jakob Wiesmann, Simon Rüskamp, ​​Luis Prosowski, Jan Schulz, Lilly Graap, Vitus
Schnei­der, Lucas Korth, Hen­ri Schul­ze Aquack, Anne­ma­rie Kla­ris­sa Tschiersich

The orange belt created: Mira Konert

Orange-green reached: Timo Rüschenschmidt

Won the blue belt: Lea Konert



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