New ballpark, signature Hamilton show puts Arkells back on the community agenda – Hamilton

Frontman Max Kerman says it will be “the busiest weekend” of the year for Arkells, who not only hosts the signature show ‘The Rally’ on Tim Horton’s court, but also inaugurates a professional outdoor basketball court at the Hamilton Center.

On the verge of releasing new music, the Hamilton band’s itinerary is filled with rehearsals, the “Rally Court” opening at Woodlands Park on Friday, and a hometown show on Saturday night, which Kerman says will be the “easiest part” of the week.

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Speaking to 900 CHML, Kerman said: “Yes, we learned a lot from the first Rally of 2018. Bill Kelly Show.

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“So there are things we know how to do since we’re definitely newbies in 2018, and we’ve grown it a bit since then.”

Also on the schedule during the bandwagon blitz will be a pre-show pop-up market featuring local artisans, music and vendors by the Hamilton Flea outside Gate 1 on Saturday at Tim Hortons from 11am to 4pm.

Before the show, the band plans to take care of the market themselves with a short bike-share ride with the Hamiltons leaving Gore Park at noon on Saturday, resulting in free bike setups for those in need at the market.

A festival-like atmosphere has been something Kerman and his band members have dreamed of since he invented the concept of “The Rally” in 2018, which was stalled by state-enforced gathering limits due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“It’s all on the schedule, all the details we’ve added to the week. It’s a work of love,” Kerman said.

“Really… so much more than a concert for us.”

More than 24,000 people attended the 2018 event, making it the largest audience the group has ever performed.

The second show, originally set for June 2020, was originally delayed to June 2021 before splitting up again next weekend.

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Singer-songwriter K-Flay, LA’s Mt Joy, and MC Haviah Mighty will join the Arkells for Saturday’s show.

Tickets are still on sale through the group. Web site.

One dollar of every ticket sold will go to support Indwell’s work to support permanent, affordable housing in Hamilton.

Arkells hosts opening of ‘The Rally’ outdoor ballpark at Hamilton Center

Behind a community drive by Kirman and some other notable Hamiltonians who will make this a reality on Friday was their passion for playing basketball on professional open courts.

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The opening of the new accessible venue in Woodlands Park comes months after the singer embarked on a mission to renovate a multi-purpose court with professional backs, stands and acrylic court surface.

Kerman says the idea to transform a lower city court came during tour stops in North America, where the band played pickup games at local parks.

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“I love checking out all the local community parks and collecting games that happen in Chicago, LA or New York, Edmonton or Vancouver,” Kerman said.

“I realized that Hamilton really doesn’t have glass backs.”

After reaching out to city councilors Jason Farr and Nrinder Nann, Kerman contacted a number of executives and foundations, including Ron Foxcroft and the Foxcroft Family Foundation, to put the potential show on the map.

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“So Ron came right away to donate a lot of money,” Kerman said. “The Nick Nurse Foundation went to Nick and he emailed me within 20 minutes, as did Superfan Nav, which we all know as Raptors fans… he joined us and so did Canada Basketball.”

The group has raised a total of $80,000 for upgrades that include refurbished lighting fixtures.

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City councilors moved to name the new space ‘The Rally Court’ at a recent public works meeting to appreciate the group’s fundraising efforts.

The court will mark its official opening with a free celebratory basketball game at 1pm on Friday.

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