Nearly 300 brands in Tmall 618 have a transaction value of over 2 billion yen, revealing the “new three sacred treasures” of young people-China

At the annual shopping event “618”, there were nearly 300 brands with transaction values ​​exceeding 100 million yuan, and 100 types of individual products with transaction values ​​of 1 trillion yuan or more.

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The annual shopping event “618” at 2022 Tmall has just ended. According to related data, more than 260,000 brands participated this year, nearly 300 brands with transaction value of over 100 million yuan (about 2 billion yen), and transaction value of 1 trillion yuan (about 20 trillion yen) for individual products. ) There were 100 types that became above. The data also show that as young people pursue a sense of speciality and sophistication in their lives, dishwashers, smart toilet seats, and gaming chairs have become “new three sacred treasures” in some homes. ..

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■ Smart toilet seat upgrades your life

When you’re at home with a new coronavirus infection, replacing kitchen and toilet-related merchandise is a quick and easy way for many young consumers to improve their quality of life, and smart toilet seats are a great way to upgrade. It became a product of. The smart integrated toilet seat has become the top seller in the interior / interior industry, and the sales of the smart toilet seat have quadrupled, far exceeding the conventional toilet seat.

■ Dishwasher continues to be popular

The longer you stay at home, the more often you eat at home, and the more you don’t want to clean up after meals. Under these circumstances, dishwashers often caused a sales boom and became a popular item for young people to order and purchase.

In fact, during the special period of infectious disease control, any household appliances that free people from repeated heavy domestic work have become popular, and dishwashers, floor vacuum cleaners, cleaning robots, etc. have been selling well in the market. Indicated.

■ Gaming chairs are very popular for “sloppy at home”

Many people may be surprised that the gaming chair has appeared in the popularity ranking, but this product has broken the conventional trend and firmly grasped the heart of young people who want to relax at home.

The younger generation, who are full of individuality, want to be filled with a special feeling even when they “go around at home.” According to the interior designer’s explanation, a relaxing game room for oneself is becoming standard equipment for interior design “after 2000 (born in the 2000s)”. Under this “selfish” need, gaming chairs have emerged.

Consumers of gaming chairs are not limited to electronic sports (esports) players and general game players. With the advent of scenes such as telework and online lessons, more and more consumers are seeking a healthy and comfortable experience, joining the ranks of gaming chair consumers. (Provided by / People’s Network Japanese version / Edited / KS)



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