NBA transfer market, pending the draft: Gobert, Lakers and…

Gobert, Collins, Grant. And not only… Many names circulate and rumors imagine them changing teams on the evening of the Draft, or even before. The Barclays Center night of June 23 will not only decide the order of calling up top college or international prospects, ‘fresh meat’ reinforcements for all 30 franchises, but it could also see some ‘aftershocks’ in the NBA card. , with famous names involved. Because there are those who are eager to improve immediately, beyond the boys’ gradual path of growth, because there are those who have to make uncomfortable contracts elsewhere.


An exchange has already been made. Dallas brought home a long bank for Doncic from the Istanbul bazaar at discount prices: Christian Wood, from Houston. In exchange for pick 21 in the draft and expiring contracts are those of Marjanovic, Burke, Chriss and Brown. Wood has just one year left on his contract, but it’s a clear improvement on offense over Powell and Kleber, who alternated as center for the Mavericks. The Rockets have arguably made room for Paolo Banchero, their first target with the third draft pick, who has been a bit of a broomstick with Wood for role and characteristics. And so they moved forward with the rebuilding process, adding another first-round pick.


Utah is at a crossroads. Coach Snyder resigned, the cycle with Mitchell and Gobert as first attackers seems to have ended with many regular season victories and not enough in the playoffs: not even a Conference final in the West. The two All Stars do not like each other, at least. Rust that dates back to the days of the French Covid scene at the start of the pandemic. The longtime man has 4 years left on the wage bill of the sky-high contract, a five-year deal worth 205 million, which he signed 12 months ago. Giving it up would be the lesser evil. And Atlanta is very disappointed, just like the Jazz, last season. It started with high expectations and ended in the first round of the playoffs, same fate as Utah. Jazz would be interested in pick n. 16 from the Hawks and would gladly trade the French for that call and a combination of Collins, Capela and Huerter. It’s all about finding the one that suits everyone.


Longtime Hawks member John Collins is also on the payroll for another 4 years. He signed the five-year contract for $125 million. It’s not just Utah keeping an eye on him: even Portland, which is entitled to the number 7 pick of the 2022 Draft, seems to be following the situation closely. Lillard asks for immediate help.


Jaden Ivey, a goalie who just returned from two seasons at Purdue University, is the fourth pick in the draft. Behind Smith, Holmgren and Banchero. And there’s the line to convince Sacramento to trade that fourth call… Ivey is a prodigious athlete, the best winger in the draft, for someone the talent with the most potential in this class, even. And so there is no shortage of “buyers”. Detroit first. Who chooses with No. 5 and would like to put it next to Cunningham, the first call of the 2021 draft. She would also be willing to sacrifice Jerami Grant, which would be convenient for the Kings. Then there’s Washington, who has the No. 10 call and would like to “step up” to secure Beal a worthy away teammate. The Knicks should not be underestimated: Ivey has the “special effects” that Garden fans love so much. And then there’s Indiana: two foreigners in Haliburton-Ivey would be enticing, forward-looking. The Pacers have the No. 6 pick and a hot market play: Myles Turner stopper center is loved by many…


They have no choice in this project. And they would like to acquire at least one from the second round. Like, how? To exchange for one of the two over 30s next season, or for a lot of dollars with those who are not very interested. Prospects who could become such targets in Los Angeles? Well, Duke Wendell Moore’s exterior, first of all. Good defender, flexible. Another likely name for the perimeter is Kansas guard Christian Braun. Shooter. When choosing a long, Jaylin Williams from Arkansas immediately comes to mind. Physicist, defender, he does the little things that make you win. They are all talents with a minimum of experience, ready to contribute immediately. What LeBron needs



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