NBA: The stars go ‘up for auction’: a Draft to bet on Gobert, Beal… Harden or Irving?

HThere are two fronts on the horizon of one night of the NBA Draft: the one of the ‘kids’ of the class of 2022 and the one of the stars. Those names that want to change colors in search of new projects and that on the night of the Barclays Center can go through Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Rudy Gobert or teams like Philadelphia or Boston Celtics, in search of new allies to storm the championship ring.

Above all, there are three stellar names who live unhappy, but who have a differential talent to change teams with their scoring: Bradley Beal, Kyrie Irving y James Harden. The one from the Wizards is immersed in his renewal task for the capital franchise. What decision you make will depend on your future goals. Or both of the Nets who floundered 4-0 in the playoffs, though they shouldn’t move on draft night. Especially the ’11’, which will wait until the last day of June to decide what to do.

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As the rounds are succulent for many teams, there are others that can ‘market’ with theirs to change looking for new references. And more when they are dissatisfied players, who want to leave as soon as possible. Essentially, two big men. Rudy Gobert, with a terrible relationship with the Utah Jazz and their star Donovan Mitchell, or DeAndre Ayton, ‘ignored’ by the Suns and that he should look for a new contract.

In a lower ‘status’ other figures would travel, such as Collins or OG Anunoby, or bets on shooters both sacked by their franchises like Duncan Robinson, who seek prominence like Huerter or candidates to be important anywhere more than their current likes of Ross or Hachimura.

The team’s ballot

As there are names and stars there are also franchises that will go to the Draft to ‘trade’ to improve their position. The most important is the finisher, the Celtics, who before the requests to find annotation in their new players could also watch to raise to add troops. Dejounte Murray, for example, the ‘green’ fan really likes it.

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Or the Sixers, after the umpteenth failure of the ‘Process’. Daryl Morey, his chief operating officer, has had meetings with PJ Tucker or Eric Gordonseeking to give a different color to a team that only collects failures in the NBA post-season.

And don’t count out the Lakers. The ‘parsley’ of all the sauces in the NBA Market, since its two rounds appear in all the accounts that have to do with its new star player. Of course, they add Russell Westbrook and his toxic contract. Figure of the Draft and of every day.



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