NBA star silenced Pöbler thanks to their girlfriends and wives

Richard Jefferson was one of the most articulate and articulate players in the entire NBA, but also one of the wildest in general. Let’s take a look back at one of his funniest stories.

While still playing with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Jefferson had a favorite strategy for dealing with rowdy fans in the crowd. The strategy had to do with the mob’s girlfriends/wives, Richard Jefferson has now revealed on Fox Sports’ Road Trippin’ Podcast.

Jefferson on tactics used to silence nagging fans

Richard Jefferson’s favorite way to shut up bullying fans was to approach her friends and tell them they were underperforming.

Jefferson tells of “a guy who sat in the front row with his girl and tried to show off. He babbled and babbled, but you don’t want to pay any attention to these people because all they really want is a story.”

Jefferson: “You’re selling yourself too cheap”

Jefferson: “He said to me, ‘Jefferson, you suck!’. I didn’t look at him. I looked straight at his girlfriend and said, “Hey! Is that your type?” and she kind of smiled and blushed and he was going to show off, like, ‘Yeah, that’s my girl, blah blah blah,’ so I looked right at her and said, ‘You’re selling yourself cheap!’ I’ll just move on. His whole day was ruined.”



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