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The arrival in the NBA by Gabriele Procida and Matteo Spagnolo it was one of the happiest news of Draft went on stage in the past few days and has seen Paolo Banchero selected at number 1 from Orlando Magic. The 2022 Draft will remain in history as far as Italian basketball is concerned. The Italian-American – waiting to play his first match with the national team of Pozzecco – was expected as the top pick, while Procida and Spagnolo represented the loose mines of the event.

Procida’s words

After being selected for the draft, Procida was joined by the microphones of Sky Sport. The cestita spoke in this way of his next adventure with the Detroit Pistons (called at 36):

They are a very young team that has moved very well in this Draft too, with the choice of two players like Jaden Ivey and Jalen Duren who, in addition to talent, bring a lot, but a lot of athleticism. I am happy that I was chosen here.

Then, on waiting for the Draft:

It was a surprise for me too since I hadn’t had any audition with them, even if hearing them on the phone in the previous days they seemed very interested. I have to understand well with the Pistons what their intentions are for this summer, what they want me to do. We will see.

The words of Spanish

The talent who grew up between Rome and Madrid was chosen instead at 50 by Minnesota:

I was optimistic because during my experience in the United States I had received several positive feedbacks, but in the end in the Draft you never know what can happen… It was incredible news.

So, on the future in the NBA:

In fact, at the moment I am not sure what I will do: I will speak with Minnesota and understand what the ideal situation is, bearing in mind that the ultimate goal is to have the longest and best career possible. With them I would like to establish a program to be able to get to the NBA as ready as possible: I would like to have a great impact when I decide to go beyond.



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