NBA Mock Draft 2022 – USA

In a few hours, the Draft will be held at the Barclays Center. Three Italians are waiting to hear their name called (Banchero, Procida, Spanish). Millions of fans hang on the Commission’s lips to discover the future of their franchises. Few of the mentally ill, like me, can’t wait to hear all the crazy ones trade which will take place in the next few hours.

So let’s waste some time in this masochistic attempt to decipher the mysteries of the gods front office with a nice mock draft. And happy draft day everyone!

1) Orlando Magic

The choice: Paolo Banchero, PF, Duke

Very young team (Suggs, Anthony, Wagner, Isaac, Fultz, Carter Jr. to name just a few). Why not add one of the NBA’s most ready prospects to so much talent and start building the Magic house after years of digging only the foundation? The temptation Holgrem or Jabari is very high, but the tricolor heart tells me Paolo. The long-range shot and the defense remain weak points, but they don’t lack time …

2) Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder logo The choice: Jabari Smith, PF, Auburn

2.08m, 42% from the arc, what else? It is no coincidence that he bewitched the front office of the league (and not only), it is no coincidence that it is given as the most probable absolute first choice. A necessary reinforcement for an OKC that in the coming years, thanks to Sam Presti’s policy, will be able to churn out two new rosters complete only with first choices in the Draft. Whoever is chosen will become the first protagonist of this re-foundation.

3) Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets logo The choice: Chet Holgrem, C, Gonzaga

Over 2.10, rim-protector, shot-blocker frightening, gifted with stratospherically unnatural offensive skills for a giant of his size. And yet, honestly, it doesn’t convince me completely. Defensively, too thin; offensively, very choppy. He will have to take the step of maturity just by passing to the league of the greats. Sure, teaming him up with Green, Porter Jr and Sengun is mouth-watering. In any case, the trade who brought Christian Wood to the neighboring Mavs clearly indicates that the choice of the Rockets will be a big winger or a center. In short, one of the three usual suspects.

4) Sacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings logo The choice: Shaedon Sharpe, SG, Kentucky

Logic would say Jaden Ivey, but logic has never been synonymous with Sacramento. In line with the questionable decisions of recent years, the Californian kings choose a player that the last official parquet he walked on was that of his high school a year ago. But, if that player is left there, it’s a lot, a lot of stuff. Just the player who, after a scary season as a rookie, the Kings will exchange for a packet of peanuts and Sabonis (Haliburton teaches).

5) Detroit Pistons

Explosiveness, elegance, handle, shot. Combine an extraordinary athlete with Cade Cunningham and Saddiq Bey… the result is yes please!! Perhaps the most pressing need would be the long section to leave room for growth for a hitherto unconvincing Killian Hayes as PG … but the philosophy of best available always has a special place in my heart, and there aren’t any better than Ivey at this point.

6) Indiana Pacers

The choice: Keegan Murray, PF, Iowa

Duarte the terrible, Haliburton (obtained through a burglary), TJ Warren perhaps revived and many question marks. The Pacers seem to want to give up Brogdon and Turner… so let’s give them a nice 4. Murray produced 24 points and 9 rebounds per game with 40% off three, plus size and defense. Young and solid base from which to restart a dead project from the time of Paul George’s farewell.

7) Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors logo

The choice: Benedict Mathurin, SG, Arizona

If Anunoby is indeed flying towards Portland in exchange for this choice, perhaps the most logical choice would be to take a 3 or a 4. Mathurin is, however, simply too strong to ignore him. Excellent perimeter defense, solid three-point shot (37%), in short, the prototype of the new NBA guard.

8) New Orleans Pelicans

The choice: Dyson Daniels, SG, Ignite

Roster in my opinion really strong, especially with the rising star Herb Jones and the addition of McCollum. In these cases, adding a level guard never hurts. 24 points per game with 40% from the arc, well over 2 meters high: ladies and gentlemen, Dyson Daniels.

9) San Antonio Spurs

The choice: AJ Griffin, SF, Duke

If they really swap Dejounte Murray, it will be a total rebuild. Then everything is worth it. Griffin provides long range shooting, vital in the modern NBA, but medically concerned. In short, a bet that rebuild-mode teams can afford

10) Washington Wizards

The choice: TyTy Washington Jr, PG, Kentucky

Another team in rebuild, especially if Beal will be traded. And if Satoransky is your titular PC… maybe you need help. Washington is gifted with excellent shooting and high playmaking skills, an excellent base from which to start again in the capital.

11) New York Knicks

The choice: Tari Eason, PF, LSU

Athletic, defensive: exactly the medicine that the orange-blue side of NY needs. Striker yet to be explored, but still with a solid 35% from the arc and with his body too. One thing is for sure, the Knicks need to start playing the youngsters they choose (see Grimes, Sims, etc.)

12) Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder logo

The choice: Ochai Agbaji, SG, Kansas

Shooting Guard (41% of three), at OKC. It can always be useful …

13) Charlotte Hornets

The choice: Jeremy Sochan, PF, Baylor

Non-existent offensive arsenal, versatility and defensive effectiveness like Bam Adebayo. If Bridges leaves, it will be painful for LaMelo’s attack, but the market is always an unknown.

14) Cleveland Cavaliers

The choice: Ousmane DIeng, PF, Francia

A team that drives me crazy, and that can afford, especially if it continues to perform well on the market, to choose long-term projects. Dieng has enormous potential, but he has never played at the American collegiate level. Sure, the New Zealand experience (like LaMelo before the NBA) has earned him a few cartridges, but he remains a player to look after as he grows up.

15) Charlotte Hornets

The choice: Jalen Duren, C, Memphis

Charlotte has been in dire need of role centers for years, Duren can go and plug that hole. Athletics off-the-charts both as an attacker and as a protector of the iron.

16) Atlanta Hawks

The choice: Johnny Davis, PF, Wisconsin

With Collins in goodbye, Davis immediately went on to fill the role of 4. Deadly mid-range, long shot still intermittent but offset by a strong defensive presence.

17) Houston Rockets

The choice: Malachi Branham, SF, Ohio State

After one between Holgrem, Banchero and Jabari, here comes one of the most consistent shooters in the draft in Texas, replacing the now mummified Eric Gordon. 42% of three and almost 20 per game in the final part of the year: a pretty good business card for Branham.

18) Chicago Bulls

The choice: Mark Williams, C, Duke

Starting 5 fixed, now it’s just a question of building a bench depth suitable for playoff. Williams is a perfect vice-Vucevic, albeit the opposite. He has no long-range shooting, but athleticism to spare and skill shot-blocker abundantly demonstrated in a March Madness played at a very high level.

19) Minnesota Timberwolves

The choice: Dalen Terry, SF, Arizona

One of the most exciting teams of the past playoff but that needs consistency in the field. Terry is a very useful all-rounder off the ballbut with the shooting ability not to be underestimated.

20) San Antonio Spurs

The choice: EJ Liddel, SF/PF, Ohio State

Rebuild? Why not take a 20-point-a-game player with 37% of the arc? the future is a mystery, we might as well accumulate established talents at a collegial level

21) Denver Nuggets

The choice: Jaylin Williams, PF, Arkansas

the return of the various injured players fills a little more a squad already full of talent. I think a young replacement for Aaron Gordon is necessary, however. Williams provides a defensive mentality to the Miami, the classic player with “invisible skills”.

22) Memphis Grizzlies

The choice: Orlando Robinson, C, Fresno State

Difficult to find areas to renovate in Memphis. Certainly the most untalented position is the center. Robinson provides the Grizzes with what they don’t yet have, a true center with long range shooting (36% last season).

23) Philadelphia 76ers

The choice: Wendell Moore Jr, SF, Duke

Moore would take the place of a now old and ineffective Danny Green. 42% distance and out-of-the-ordinary explosiveness, Duke’s product is an excellent complement to the big-3 Harden-Maxey-Embiid

24) Milwaukee Bucks

The choice: Jalen Williams, SG, Santa Clara

40% from three, in the 97th percentile like spot-up shooter. Soul mate of a game that, as a center of gravity, has the devastating penetrations of Giannis.

25) San Antonio Spurs

The choice: Andrew Nembhard, PG, Gonzaga

“Anzianotto”, and therefore ready immediately for the NBA life. Shooting safety, excellent ball handling: ideal starting point for a team without a course.

26) Houston Rockets

The choice: Kendall Brown, PF, Baylor

It is always good to have options between bigs. Brown offers no consistency or offensive inventiveness, but he has certainly shown flashes of great potential.

27) Miami Heat

The choice: Nikola Jovic, PF, Serbia

It looks like him but it’s not him, it’s not The Joker. It remains a prospect that I am madly in love with and that would make the case of a team that has struggled all year to exceed 100 points. Attack and size, all Butler needs to explode the potential of a perennial contender.

28) Golden State Warriors

The choice: Christian Koloko, C, Arizona

I’m not a Wiseman fan, and neither do the Warriors (despite the injury excuse). Koloko would secure a solid replacement for a phenomenal Kevon Looney in the playoffs.

29) Memphis Grizzlies

The choice: Jean Montero, SG, Overtime Elite

Long, athletic. A (evidently less talented) mini-Morant from the Dominican Republic to maintain the “young and hungry” philosophy that has led the Grizzlies to recent successes.

30) Denver Nuggets

The choice: Trevor Keels, SG, Duke

He proved mature enough to take the plunge. 32% from the arc but excellent ability to penetrate the painted. A very valid option for Denver, now in now-or-never mode.

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