NBA, Metta World Peace: “I don’t think basketball is too soft now”

In recent years, there have been several debates regarding the evolution that basketball has undergone over time. The three-point shooting revolution has radically changed the concept of the game. Nowadays, a center of over two meters shooting from three is the perfect normality, whereas only a decade ago it would have been a very rare event.

Among the most widespread criticisms that have been directed at the change, there is that according to which the game has become softer than in the past. According to many fans, the aggression of such players Dennis Rodman to name one, it would no longer be allowed. In this regard, the former player of the Indiana Pacers e Los Angeles Lakers Metta World Peace he wanted to have his say.

As is known, the fu Ron Artest he has always shown behaviors bordering on sportsmanship on the parquet. However, he doesn’t seem to despise the modern game:

“I can’t deny that basketball has changed dramatically in recent years. Furthermore, there was a period between 2013 and 2018 when too many fouls were actually called, some ridiculous. However, in the last two years the physical intensity has increased significantly and this pleases me. “

The former NBA champion then continued:

“When I got into the league, the game was still very aggressive and intense. Then slowly things changed up to the present day. There were also great shooters during my time, but the mentality was completely different. So I can say that I like and enjoy the modern game a lot. “

Words that are not at all obvious are those expressed by Metta World Peace. We will see if there are other radical changes in the concept of basketball in the near future.

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