NBA market, Harden joins the Sixers for three years?

The market exchange that resulted James Harden and Philadelphia e Ben Simmons in Brooklyn seemed to have revolutionized the balance of the league, but both teams failed to meet the high expectations in the postseason and now they want to relaunch.

The Beard did not perform at his best in his Sixers experience, traveling alone 18.1 points and 7 assists average in the series against the Miami Heat, and for that reason Philadelphia isn’t sure to give him a four-year extension for $ 233 millionthe aggregates.

The number # 1 of the Sixers, however, seems willing to meet the franchise on the contract, accepting the player option of $ 47.4 million and then signing a two-year contract that would guarantee greater future salary flexibility in Philadelphia.

I’ll stay here. I will do what it takes to help the team improve and compete at the highest level

James Harden

James Harden has until June 29 to accept the player option, and until August 10 to put his signature on a two-year contract with an annual salary increase of 5%certainly very expensive, but much more manageable than the four-year period of over 200 million that he could sign after that date.

Barba is aware that he is probably at his last career opportunity to win a starring ring, and for this reason he wants to help the franchise set up the best possible roster to win the title.

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