NBA Finals. Unexpected loss for the Golden State Warriors.

Boston Celtics’ Marcus Smart flies to the basket and scores.


The Golden State Warriors unexpectedly fall behind in the NBA playoff finals. The San Francisco team lost the opening game of the best-of-7 series against the Boston Celtics at home 108-120.

A 17-0 run by the Celtics in the last quarter calmed the Chase Center after the Warriors had been leading by 15 points. 16:40 was the score in the last quarter from the point of view of the favorite from California.

In the Warriors, Stephen Curry in particular showed a good offensive performance, with 34 points he scored the most points. The Celtics distributed their successful throws to many more players, in the end five of the nine mostly used professionals scored at least twelve points. The 36-year-old Al Horford scored the most with 26 points in the first final game of his career.

Should the Celtics win their first title since 2008, they would again be the sole record champions in the world’s best basketball league with 18 wins ahead of the Los Angeles Lakers. The Warriors have been more successful recently, clinching three of their six NBA championships in 2015, 2017 and 2018.




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