NBA – Basketball star James dreams of NBA team in Las Vegas

Los Angeles (SID) – Four-time NBA champion LeBron James dreams of his own basketball team in Las Vegas. “I would like to own a team. I want to buy an NBA team, of course. And I want it to be in Vegas,” said the 37-year-old on his talk show “The Shop”.

Alongside Seattle, Las Vegas is considered a possible location for a new franchise. However, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said earlier this week that there are no current plans to expand the league, which currently has 30 teams. The gambling paradise of Las Vegas is already home to teams from the NFL (American football) and NHL (ice hockey), and a relocation of the Oakland A’s baseball players is always an issue.

According to the business magazine Forbes, James is the first active NBA professional to break the $1 billion barrier in revenue. In the past year alone, the basketball superstar from the Los Angeles Lakers is said to have earned 121.2 million through salary and advertising.



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