Nba, $ 100,000 in cash and two guns: movie robbery in Vince Carter’s villa bunker

ROME. Twenty-two seasons in the NBA, record figures and one of the most spectacular careers in the history of US basketball. The robbery of superstar Vince Carter’s villa bunker could only be a movie. $ 100,000 in cash and two guns. Ulysses in the “hi tech” home of the giant Polyphemus, monitored by 16 closed-circuit security cameras and an electronic fence system.

Police report that “$ 100,000 in cash was taken in a burglary at the Atlanta home of former NBA player Vince Carter. The report states that two guns and more than $ 16,000 were recovered outside the house after the break-in. Carter told police that the recovered money was a small part of the $ 100,000 in cash he kept in a closet. Police stated that a fingerprint of the suspect was taken at the crime scene. Carter played 22 seasons in the NBA before retiring with the Atlanta Hawks in 2020. He now works as an NBA analyst for the ESPN television network.

A 900 square foot mansion in the affluent Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. $ 100,000 in cash kept in a bag in a closet. According to the report, the former champion’s wife, Sondi Carter, was in bed with her two children when she heard loud noises around 11:50 pm on Sunday. They hid in a closet and she called 911, then texted the neighborhood patrol. A neighborhood agent, who was the first to arrive, saw a man flee in a black SUV, but was unable to catch him, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Neither Sondi Carter nor her children were injured, but police said a window in the main house was destroyed. Outside, agents found “a large amount of $ 100 bills scattered on the ground,” along with a gold Desert Eagle pistol and a black Glock 26 with extended magazine, according to the report. The Desert Eagle belonged to Carter, but investigators believe the Glock was brought to the suspect, according to the accident report. While she was in the closet, Sondi Carter later told police that she overheard someone rummaging through several rooms upstairs.

Several rooms were cluttered and a gate at the top of the stairs had been broken by its hinges. Fulton County real estate records show that the house, built in 2016, is owned by Vince Carter, who played 22 seasons in the NBA before retiring with the Hawks in 2020. Carter bought the house, which is located on nearly one and a half acres of land, worth nearly $ 7 million in August 2020, according to real estate records. One real estate ad describes the property as a ‘family complex’ with ‘state-of-the-art home security’ that includes 16 CCTV security cameras. A fence appears to surround the house, including an electronic gate that crosses the driveway. Police have not publicly identified a suspect, but the incident report says a fingerprint of the suspect was taken from the scene. Carter, who now works as an NBA analyst for ESPN, did not respond to requests for comment from the mass media.

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