Nations League: Germany – England: That’s behind Hofmann’s heart jubilation! – Football

But there is a Bundesliga star who is head over heels in love with his Laura…

Gladbach’s Jonas Hofmann (29) scored the well-deserved 1-0 against England in the 50th minute. A great goal, although England keeper Jordan Pickford (27) didn’t look too happy on impact.

Visible to everyone on television: Hofmann formed a heart with his hands after his booth and pointed it in the direction of the stands.

The Gladbach star when asked by BILD: “Yes, it’s true. The greeting was for Laura, who was sitting in the stands!”

Hofmann and the Sky presenter have been a couple for several months. After the last international match, it is planned that the two want to spend a holiday together in South Africa.

Photo: Instagram/lauramwinter

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Laura Winter loves good food and her Jonas Photo: Instagram/lauramwinter

Laura can probably visit her Jonas in Qatar in winter. Because the chances that Hofmann will make it to the World Cup are excellent.

National coach Hansi Flick (57) appreciates the versatility of his “all-purpose weapon”. Hofmann did not play on the right defensive side against England, but whirled up front on the right.

When asked if he had a favorite position, he answered with a broad grin: “I’m always really proud when I’m allowed to play with the national team from the start. To be honest, I don’t care what position the coach puts me in. I feel comfortable in both positions.”

Despite his goal, Hofmann was pissed off about the late equalizer: “It’s really annoying. Being there with only two points in the Nations League is bitter!”



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