National: Paris 13 Atletico will be able to start its season at the Charléty stadium

This is very good news for Paris 13 Atletico (ex-Gobelins), recently promoted to National: the Parisian team, whose usual stadium (Boutroux) is not yet up to standard, will be able to use the Charléty stadium to the first home games of his season.

“Paris 13 Atletico is very happy to announce that it will defend its colors in the 13th arrondissement of the capital during the 2022-2023 National season, explains the club on its website. Indeed, an agreement has been reached with the Paris City Hall for the club to benefit from the Charléty and Boutroux stadiums. The green light was given on Monday for the Charléty stadium to be the scene of Paris 13 Atletico home matches pending the upgrading of the Boutroux stadium to the French Football Federation. »

“Charléty will also be able to host high-stakes or risky meetings,” the press release continues. It should be emphasized that everything will be done, in the days, weeks and months to come, so that the Boutroux stadium, the historic site of Paris 13 Atletico, becomes an infrastructure commensurate with the ambitions and current sporting level of the club. »

“Relying on the two Parisian entities”

The 3rd club in the capital behind PSG and the PFC has therefore seen the town hall of Paris give it the green light. The latter wished to bring all her help to the young promoted.

“Given the requirements of the calendar and the standardization work in accordance with the requirements of the FFF, in progress, but also to take into account the matches at stake or at risk which will take place next season, it is obvious that we we will have to rely on the two Parisian influences that are Boutroux and Charléty, summarized the town hall in a document that we obtained. Boutroux because it is the club’s usual grip, a sports site which will necessarily have to be constantly improved and we are maintaining our efforts before August 12th. And Charléty because he offers the main guarantee for the start of the season if necessary, but also for the high-stakes matches mentioned above. »



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