My sister’s death saved my life. The tragedy helped the tennis legend win a tough fight

The former 67-year-old tennis star is trying to talk openly about the disease. She now admitted that her sister’s death had helped her save her life.

“In tennis, you have the opportunity to control the situation. But you can’t control these things (cancer) at all. Thousands and thousands of people have cancer. And I’m like any other one, Evert talked about the sensitive subject on Good Morning America.

Unlike her, her younger sister succumbed to ovarian cancer. Only after this tragedy did Chris Evert decide to undergo genetic tests. The doctors then found out that she had a similar diagnosis as her nurse.

In the end, she was lucky in the accident, because even according to her doctor, ovarian cancer can be detected in 70 and 80 percent of cases only in the third or fourth stage.

“My sister’s death saved my life,” said the 18-time Grand Slam champion. She underwent a preventive hysterectomy last December, during which doctors discovered a cancer. Her cancer was in the first stage.

On the Good Morning America show, she also confided in how the treatment went, how she dealt with things like hair loss. Gradually, she built a large collection of wigs with shorter and longer cuts.

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