My Hero Academia, the two OVAs debut in August: here is the official date

While the community anxiously awaits the release of the new animated season, promoted by the recent trailer for My Hero Academia 6, a live stream from TOHO Animation has revealed the debut date of the two special episodes set at the turn of Season 5.

Before witnessing the war that will involve Heroes and Villain, the spectators of My Hero Academia will go to meet two very special OVAs. These will debut on Crunchyroll starting August 1, 2022. However, visitors to the Anime Expo will be able to attend the two specials exclusively one month in advance, on July 1st.

The first OVA of My Hero Academia 5 is Hero League of Baseball, an episode dedicated to baseball match between teams led by captains Gang Orca and Shishido, professional heroes whose agencies have been rivals for a long time. In the HLB tournament, there are no rules and using Quirks is allowed for the purpose of winning. At the end of the competition, the Orcas and Lionels teams are interrupted by the appearance of a Villain.

The second episode is entitled “Laugh! As if you were in hell”. A new Villain, Mr. Smiley, will be introduced in this OVA of My Hero Academia. After he hits Endeavor’s house, the trio of trainees Deku, Shoto and Bakugo he will go after him.



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