My Hero Academia Season 6 OVAs will be on Crunchyroll in August!

My Hero Academia is slowly but surely making a comeback. Recently, a new trailer for the series was unveiled, giving rise to several speculations. But before discovering the new season, two OAVs are to be discovered this summer. If the two OAVs are already broadcast in Japan, all that’s missing is international fans to discover them.

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Special attention for fans outside Japan

My Hero Academia has one of the biggest fandoms in anime. His fans are on the lookout for any information, and many pay tribute to him through cosplays. Predictably, fans are eagerly awaiting the two OVAs leading up to season six. Thanks to the AIR_News01 Twitter account, we learned that they will be available on Crunchyroll from August 1st.

Synopsis of the two OVAs

The two OVAs are titled “Hero League Baseball” and “Laugh! As if you are in Hell” (translated as “Laugh! As if you were in Hell”).

“Hero League Baseball”, or “HLB” for friends, is the baseball league created by pro-heroes who are passionate about the game. . Which of the two teams will win the championship? To add more spice to this story, the two teams are not subject to any rules. They can also use their Quirks as they see fit. Just as one of the teams is clearly gaining the upper hand over the other, a villain bursts in. It’s not just about keeping everyone safe, but also about being the winner at the end of the day.

As for the synopsis of “Laugh! As if you were in hell”, it has not yet been officially unveiled. However, we know that it will highlight a villain named Mr. Smiley. The latter has a comic quirk, capable of making his opponents laugh. The trio Izuku, Bakugo and Shoto will deal with him during the internship in Endeavor’s agency. Will our apprentice heroes manage not to burst out laughing?

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