“My adventure at Real has only just begun”

Real Madrid player Vinicius Junior appeared on ‘Bem, Amigos!’ of Sport TV while on vacation.

La relation Tite-Ancelotti : “They talk to each other to agree when there is a game. Sometimes he asks to withdraw me from one game or another. I am doing better in Madrid and Tite asks Ancelotti what could help me in the national team. They get on well and understand each other. There are differences between the two teams. In the national team, we play higher. Tite asks us to attack a lot. At Real, I’m a little further back. comes from further away. With the national team, we play with the ball more. In today’s football, you have to come back to defend, otherwise you end up complicating things for everyone.”

Evolution : “It’s normal with age. At the base, I ended up skipping a lot of stages in training. I reached the professional level at the age of 16 and I was not fully trained “At Real, the pressure is very great, but I had the help of Benzema, Marcelo, Casemiro, players with more experience. I have always evolved, over time. This season has gone well. , and next season will be even better.”

L’affection d’Ancelotti : “All the young players who work with him appreciate him a lot. He always talks about Kaka, Pato, Rivaldo, Richarlison. He always tries to help us and he has a very young coaching staff, who give us the information and the confidence that we need. Sometimes he also scolds us because we need it. Militao and I (laughs). But the coaching staff tells us if there is a faster or slower full-back, if the goalkeeper passes the ball one way or the other. Because we can’t watch every game.”

The pat on the fingers of Benzema: “Nothing happened. Karim is very attached to me. He always did everything he could to help me. The next day he came to talk to me, he said it was not that that had been said. I always took him on the right side. He always gives everything for me on the pitch. A tough one does good too.”

Real Madrid locker room: “It’s the most united team since I arrived. The celebrations were different this year. We all felt something special. The youngest arrived with Rodrygo, Militao, Camavinga and me. Everyone is appreciated and that is important.”

Arrival and triumph in Madrid: “It’s only just begun. I have a lot to conquer. I hope to be able to tell a lot at the end of my career. My contract extension? I will continue at the biggest club in the world.”



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