Oldenburg – There was a scandal at an international martial arts competition. A Muslim Budo fighter demonstrated her martial arts with the greatest possible perfection. Nevertheless, she received zero points from the judges and was excluded from further proceedings in the competition. This decision was justified by the fact that she neither bowed to greet nor to say goodbye, as is customary in Asian martial arts.

Referring to her freedom of religion, she said:

“I do not bow to other people, only to Allah. Also, there is nowhere in the rules that such a bow is mandatory. In other sports you don’t have to humiliate yourself like that. So apart from Beachhandballwhere female athletes are forced to jump around half-naked.”

The chairman of the Lower Saxony Islam Association Schura also spoke up and strongly criticized the disqualification.

Necessary bow or absolutely superfluous?

A debate has now flared up as to whether the traditional bow is still up-to-date at all and whether, in the spirit of tolerance and integration, one should not completely do without such antiquated gestures that are completely irrelevant to athletic performance and in particular Muslim athletes are discriminated against by the discourage the practice of sport.

What do you think about that? Is such a bow important or should one be able to do without it?

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